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LINUS Digital Finance with record repayments at the start of 2021

Around 75 million euros in repayments since the beginning of the year - Interest of around 35 million euros already paid out to investors since 2019

LINUS Digital Finance is off to a very strong start in the 2021 financial year. Since the turn of the year, the Berlin-based FinTech has already received around 75 million euros in repayments from financed projects and distributed them to its investors. This means that the total amount of repayments for 2020 has already been exceeded weeks before the end of the first third of the year. In total, the interest income of investors since 2019 already amounts to around 35 million euros.

Record figures due to loans repaid early

"Some of the loans granted were repaid ahead of schedule, which meant that the expected returns for investors were significantly exceeded in some cases. In addition, some of the loans were interim financing, with which we were able to help our project development partners to secure purchase prices at short notice in the current difficult financing environment due to the pandemic," explains David Neuhoff, founder and CEO of LINUS Digital Finance AG.

LINUS sustainably profitable with strong track record

Dominik Pederzani, COO of LINUS Digital Finance AG, added: "Our strong and seamless track record of distributions to our investors is further proof that our platform approach works profitably for our investors in the long term."

Via the digital platform, experienced investors participate directly in high-yield real estate projects.

About LINUS Digital Finance:

LINUS Digital Finance finances real estate projects with debt and mezzanine capital through a debt fund that it manages, enabling semi

professional, professional and institutional investors to participate in these investments via a digital platform. The term of the loans is usually between 6 and 48 months. A subsidiary of LINUS Digital Finance AG is supervised by BaFin as a capital management company (KVG). The funds and investment companies managed by LINUS, together with co-investors, have invested a total of around 570 million euros of capital in real estate projects since the company was founded in 2016, financing a project volume of over 1.5 billion euros.

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